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Personalization At Tiffany


Personalisation is a beautiful way to imbue an item with
your own personality, experiences, loves, dreams and
quirks. Engraving, embossing, embroidering or etching
adds a fresh layer of intimacy and meaning
to your gift, whether it’s for a loved one or for yourself.

Tiffany Engraving



A piece of jewellery, an object for the home or an accessory
can be inscribed with a personal message, a special
symbol, a significant date or a strong sentiment, adding
a layer of intimacy and importance to the piece.

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Tiffany Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is a centuries-old art form, passed from
master to apprentice, that allows a design of any
kind to be cut into metal. Every hand engraver has a
unique style and sensibility, so that any hand-engraved
piece is a singular work of art. The possibilities are
limitless, and Tiffany’s master engravers work
closely with their clients to make sure every piece is a
perfect expression of the customer’s very
personal vision.

00 800 2000 1122

Customer Service

Looking for something more unique? Learn about our specialized engraving and customisation services
by calling Customer Service at 00 800 2000 1122 or visiting your nearest Tiffany store.